PGD ARCH/MICH Helmet Cover


The cover prioritizes “cable management” in its design. You can customize cable organization according to your preferences using laser-cut Velcro and paracord.


The materials used include NYCO Rip-Stop Cordura, coreless paracord, and Velcro. All materials are IRR safe and sourced from the USA/EU.


It’s crucial to emphasize that the cover is specifically tailored for PGD ARCH/MICH helmets and is not intended for use with other helmet brands.


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Cable management  The cover is designed with a primary focus on “cable management.” Using laser-cut Velcro and paracord,

you can customize the cable organization according to your preferences.

Fits ARCH/MICH  The cover is designed to fit the PGD ARCH/MICH helmets and is not designed for other helmet brands.
IRR safe  All materials used is IRR safe.
Sizing  Available in L and XL size



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